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We meet every Tues @ 545p. Tires roll @6.

"How to become one with your bike? Ride it at night. Down a trail you've never ridden. As fast as you can."


With Simon Stewart 

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By: Joe Parkin

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In 1987, Joe Parkin was an amateur bike racer in California when he ran into Bob Roll, a pro on the powerhouse Team 7-Eleven. "Lobotomy Bob" told Parkin that, to become a pro, he must go to Belgium. Riding along a canal in Belgium years later, Roll encountered Parkin, who he described as "a wraith, an avenging angel of misery, a twelve-toothed assassin". Roll barely recognized him. Belgium had forged Parkin into a pro, and changed him forever. A Dog in a Hat is Joe's remarkable story. Parkin lays it all out: the drugs, the payoffs, the betrayals, the battles for contracts, the endless promises, and the glory of racing day after day. A Dog in a Hat is the unforgettable story of the un-ordinary education of Joe Parkin and his love affair with racing, set in the hard place in the world to be a bike racer.

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Come and Gone is the sequel to Joe Parkin’s Belgian cycling classic, A Dog in a Hat, bringing Parkin home to the nascent American bike racing scene that would give rise to Lance Armstrong and the homegrown sport of mountain biking. After five years of gritty, blue-collar bike racing in Belgium, Parkin flies back to the United States with empty pockets and no contract. He joins the elite Coors Lite road team as a key member, but the adjustment to domestic racing, with small crowds, rookie teammates, and poorly promoted events, is a letdown after the glory of racing in the European peloton. Disillusioned, Joe is ready to hang up his cleats when he is offered a contract with a pro mountain bike team. The freshness of mountain biking proves to be an elixir: Joe's career blossoms and he rediscovers his love of the sport.

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By: Joe Parkin

Creepy Fatigue

Featuring: Joe Parkin

From Santa Cruz Bicycles, ‘Creepy Fatigue’ is a short film ode to Belgium, a place that forges some of the hardest cyclists. It's also a little about the shared respect that different generations and backgrounds of riders have for the routes and the history of a place so important to cycling. Have a look at our very own Joe Parkin take Mark Scott and Alex McGuinnis through his old stomping grounds. 

Chain smoke

Featuring: Joe Parkin

Check out Joe Parkin's appearance in the original Mtn Bike film, "Chainsmoke" shot back in 1996. Bar ends, lycra, heli drops and all the big names from back in the day. Start @ 20:12s to see Joe and team nemesis throw down on single track outside Las Vegas.